Waking up the day after your laser eye surgery is often an experience you will never forget. Imagine seeing the world that was once a blur suddenly presenting itself almost like a 4K cinema screen – the sky, the trees, flowers, and birds all in crisp high definition.

That’s exactly what ‘the day after’ is for many of our patients, who experience a greater sense of clarity and freedom even when having worn glasses or contact lenses. Many patients experience immediate results when sitting up from their laser eye surgery. They glance across the room at the clock on the wall and are amazed that they can now read the time unaided by glasses or contact lenses.

Recovery is faster with LASIK than LASEK. Some patients find that after their LASEK surgery their eyes sting a little and water for two to three days. The recovery process does, of course, vary from patient to patient but is extremely quick with LASIK. The day after laser eye surgery most patients achieve 80-90% of their best potential clarity and within 1-2 weeks most have clear vision. However, it can take up to three months to attain the best optical quality after laser eye surgery as the eyes settle.

Visual clarity after LASEK does take a little longer and you will need to take a week off work and avoid driving during this period.

Patients often feel as though they have a new lease of life after laser eye surgery

Recovery and Aftercare

The day after laser eye surgery will be an emotional time for many patients as they adjust to their newfound vision. Of course there is an aftercare program that must be followed. In addition to drops you will need to visit the clinic for your initial follow up appointment within 48 hours (4-5 days with LASEK). Here David Gartry will examine your eyes, measure your ‘new’ prescription and ensure that you are healing well. We will ask you to wear plastic goggles which we supply whilst sleeping for the first week after surgery. This is simply to ensure you cannot accidentally rub or knock your eye while asleep. Other than that it will be up to you to enjoy your newfound freedom.