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Clare F

Oct 2018 - LASIK

Professor Gartry has managed to improve my eyes from -10 and -5 to an amazing -1 and better than 20×20. It has greatly improved my quality of life and I can’t thank him enough. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wished to have a similar procedure.

Caroline K

Oct 2018 - LASIK

Life-changing! I had a prescription of -4.25 with an astigmastism. I wore contact lenses, most days and glasses occasionally. After thorough investigation and evaluation, I was deemed suitable for LASIK. I had this done at Moorfields. Everyone was very calm and friendly and walked me through the entire process. I was there less than an hour…that evening, I could see almost perfectly. My vision was perfect after a couple of days. Transformative doesn’t quite cover it,

It was really important to me that I went to someone exceptionally experienced at the process and. Managing any potential complications. I had complete trust in Professor Gartry and couldn’t be happier.

The team are very responsive and efficient and I would highly recommend doing it!

Jessica R

Oct 2018 - LASIK

I was amazed at the result. I did not expect to see better right after the procedure. I would recommend Professor Gartry to anyone and everyone as he did such a great job!

Benjamin J

Oct 2018 - LASIK

I went to see Dr Gartry with a prescription of just over -9 and -8. He was professional and reassuring throughout. It was explained that with my prescription there is a chance I may still have to wear specs for reading etc.

The treatment day went smoothly and my one eye was perfect within 24 hours (better than 20/20) and my other went to -1.5. Three months later I had a top up on my -1.5 and now three months later, I have great vision in both eyes. And no need to wear specs! Would definitely recommend!

Barbara C

Oct 2018 - LASIK

Really happy with the outcome. I was quite apprehensive and worried before and bombarded Professor Gartry with questions. It was very reassuring to be able to email through further questions and have quick responses. But now…glasses free and better than 20/20 vision…I couldn’t be happier. Many thanks to Prof Gartry and all his team.

Jeffrey R

Oct 2018 - Cataract

All treatment was very professional, and I am thrilled with the outcome.

Penny Y

Oct 2018 - LASIK

Very happy with the results and can now see distance incredibly well. Also astounded at being able to see first thing in the morning which I’ve not done in over 30 years! Many thanks.

Ramesh D

Oct 2018 - LASIK

Extremely good service. After my initial treatment, my left eye was not clear with a 0.75 prescription (dominant eye). I had the left eye fine-tuned and it was then much better.

I would recommend David Gartry who is very thorough and a pleasure to have the treatment with.

Naomi S-B

Oct 2018 - LASEK

Resulted in excellent vision – the outcome I was looking for.

The surgery was tricky – I needed more time for the second eye once open to adjust to light and because it was taped back quickly there was discomfort and we needed to start again. I could have communicated that but wasn’t sure what could be communicated and what couldn’t be. Perfect confidence with the team but I think an extra minute before taping back the eye could have helped.

Very painful recovery period which I will not forget – but after two days much improved and delighted with final outcome, thank you !

Ahren A

Oct 2018 - LASIK

Excellent pre during and after care. Absolutely no problems whatsoever. Highly recommended.