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Vezha B

Jul 2022 - LASIK

I'm very happy to leave this review: Professor Gartry is a brilliant surgeon who accompanied me very professionally during the whole process and surgery. He explained the how and why of every single step both during the consultation and the surgery calmly, and that helped put my mind to ease, for a procedure that is intense and nerve wracking. But that's not all, the whole team is incredibly kind and accommodating. More than 6 months in, my vision is now perfect and I haven't had any complications. I feel like this has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Many thanks Professor Gartry and team!

Frances P

Jul 2022 - LASEK

Prof Gartry was very professional and explained everything to me clearly. The procedure itself was straightforward and he put me at ease. Recovery from LASEK was quite uncomfortable for the first few days but I was given medications and drops to help with this and all was well after about a week.

I now have 20:20 vision and I couldn’t be happier, I should have had it done years ago.

Anita L

Jul 2022 - Cataract

I recently had cataracts removed from both eyes, a week apart, at Moorfileds Hospital, Francis Cumberlege ward. Professor Gartry performed the surgery and I’m absolutely thrilled with the result. My vision has been restored and I’m able to read, drive, walk and generally get on with life without the need of glasses. I had multifocal lenses and have found the clarity and focus of them outstanding. I hadn’t realised, prior to the surgery, just how much my vision had been compromised.
From the first consultation Professor Gartry explained everything clearly, allayed my concerns and answered all the questions I had in the most calm and reassuring manner. Everyone at The Wimpole Eye Clinic is so friendly and welcoming.
I thoroughly recommend that anyone with any eye concerns consults Professor Gartry. He gives and honest opinion and outlines every option. At no time was there any pressure to undergo surgery, I was given sufficient information, both verbally and in written form, to consider what I wanted to do and when it suited me.

Karen T

Jul 2022 - Refractive Lens Exchange


Professor Gartry has changed life. My prescription was a very complexed one as I am long sighted with a prescription of PLUS 9.25 (without adding the reading element)
From the beginning of this journey I was recommended to go to noone else but Professor Gartry.

From the initial consultation the staff could not have been more helpful, friendly and reassuring.

Anne has been wonderful a credit to the team.

Every part of the assessment from having my lenses measured to the day I went in for the procedure was flawless

Throughout the procedure Professor Gartry was informative and made me feel so relaxed, talked me through the whole lense replacement what he was doing and why

I cannot firstly thank this gentleman enough for changing my life. I am in my early 50s and have worn glasses for 48 years and still cannot believe I no longer need any help to read its unbelievable.
I am looking forward to many years of enjoying the benefit.

My only regret, I should have listened to my optician Maxine and visited him sooner.

I would not go to anyone else

He really is the best

Phyllida B

Jul 2022 - Refractive Lens Exchange

The whole procedure from initial consultation to the follow up visit after surgery was faultless and professional.

Tim B

Jul 2022 - Cataract

I am a professional photographer and have recently undergone cataract removal to both eyes with Professor David Gartry. The quietly spoken Professor Gartry explained the procedure thoroughly and both operations were pain free and very smooth. The result is incredible – amazing! After 35 years I no longer require spectacles. Thank you to Professor Gartry and his team.


Jul 2022 - LASEK

I would recommend Professor Gartry and the Wimpole Eye Clinic wholeheartedly. I'm 23 and had LASEK surgery. I now have 20/20 vision which I'm over the moon about – it's already made my life with studying, sport and travelling so much easier!

Don't be put off if you're told you need LASEK (rather than LASIK), I have thin corneas so needed this and although it's a longer recovery time, it's really not that bad. A few days in a darker room with lots of sleep and I was back and functioning within the week and it was nowhere near as painful as I imagined. The aftercare provided by the team is excellent and my biggest advice would be to use the eye drops as prescribed, they are a life saver! Thanks again to everyone at Wimpole Eye Clinic.

Nicholas A

Jul 2022 - LASEK

From start to finish everything went so smoothly and the level of service was excellent. Laser eye surgery was the best thing I have ever done and the Wimpole Eye Clinic made my experience 10/10 and I will recommend them to everyone in the future! Thank you!!


Jul 2022 - Cataract

I was very nervous about having a cataract operation on my only 'good' eye. My other eye had problems with the retina since birth and could not be used to read, write or drive, so it was imperative that surgery on my right eye went as smoothly as possible. Hand on heart, I can tell you that the whole process was pain-free, I felt nothing (and I am quite sensitive to pain). You cannot see anything that is being done, so no worries about the operation. You don't have to worry about keeping your eye open or still, everything is taken care of. If your lens is to be lasered before extraction, you just focus on one point and they do the rest – pain-free. If I had known this all beforehand, I probably wouldn't have worried so much. Professor Gartry talks you through everything and is very calming and professional. He was happy to answer any of my questions before and after the operation. Due to my worsening cataract, my prescription had gone from -11.5 to -19.5 and so life was becoming quite difficult. 6 weeks after the operation my prescription is now -0.5! That's -0.5 off 20/20 vision! I wear glasses for close up work, but that is all. Your eye looks a little read after the operation but this clears up so quickly with the antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, especially from day 3-4. I could see perfectly the morning after the operation. It was absolutely incredible! It has to be said that the whole team are fantastic, from the secretaries to the nurses to the anaesthetist and of course to Professor Gartry who has, I believe performed over 16,000 cataract operations. Words alone cannot convey how glad and thankful I am to get my vision back.

Kevin W

Jul 2022 - Cataract

Fantastic. I now have great vision no glasses
All without any pain or discomfort.
Absolutely Fantastic.