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Sarah G W

Mar 2020 - Refractive Lens Exchange

The Wimpole Eye Clinic has a well oiled and professional team throughout your ocular journey!

Victoria B

Mar 2020 - LASIK

The quality of care I received from Professor Gartry was second to none and I am so pleased with my decision to go ahead with the operation which has changed my life. He explained everything from, the possible risks to how best to do the aftercare to ensure the best results, in great but easy to understand detail along with the offer of always reaching out with any questions or to discuss any fears at any time. He was incredibly calming during the procedure and made me feel at ease during an anxious time. I can’t recommend Professor Gartry and the team more highly, thank you for everything!

Hongkai W

Feb 2020 - LASIK

Professor Gartry is very friendly and professional. I would strongly recommend anyone interested in Lasik to visit Professor Gartry.

Debbie J

Feb 2020 - LASIK

Mr Gartry was very pleasant and professional and took time to explain the procedure and put me at ease. As did his team. Appointments were easy to schedule and weekend treatments were very convenient. I am happy with the results and wish I had been braver to undertake the procedure years ago. I would highly recommend Mr Gartry.

Robert B

Feb 2020 - LASEK

Absolutely brilliant. Thank you for everything, pre and post-op. I have already recommended Dr Gartry and Wimpole Eye Clinic to a friend who also hopes to join the military.


Feb 2020 - LASEK

Absolutely amazing experience! A career defining LASEK operation that I will be forever grateful for! Professor Gartry, his team at the Wimpole Eye Clinic and those at Moorfields are undoubtedly the best in the business!

Nathaniel S

Feb 2020 - LASEK

The treatment and aftercare I have received at the Wimpole Eye Clinic has been second to none. I was quite concerned the days following my surgery and I was able to text Professor Gartry and he replied and alleviated my concerns. I was also slightly worried about my eyes progress after a few weeks and I was able to see Professor Gartry short notice who once again reassured me that I was progressing well. The service I have received from everyone I met including the other opticians and receptionists has brilliant.


Feb 2020 - LASIK

The experience of having LASIK surgery at the Wimpole Eye Clinic was exceptionally positive. The tests performed before surgery were thorough and I felt informed and included in the decisions about my care. The surgery itself was an interesting experience, and exceptionally quick and professional. I experienced only mild discomfort following the surgery and was back to work within a few days. The aftercare has also been excellent. I would fully recommend the Wimpole Eye Clinic to anyone thinking of undergoing laser eye surgery.

Matthew D

Feb 2020 - LASIK

It took me a long time to make the decision to have the procedure, but now I wish I hadn’t waited so long. With a stronger than average prescription, plus an astigmatism, I had concerns about how the treatment would turn out. I should not have worried. Dr David Gartry led me through every step of the procedure and the aftercare has been first class. The difference to my vision is amazing, no longer needing glasses at all. Thanks to Dr Gartry and the whole team!

David S

Feb 2020 - LASIK

I am really pleased that I had LASIK done after years of deliberation. The whole process was quick and I felt well-informed throughout. Follow-up care at the Wimpole Eye Clinic was reassuring and the fine-tuning of one eye a few months later has left me with vision that I am happy with and no need to wear glasses anymore.