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Dec 2020 - LASIK

I can highly recommend Wimpole Eye Clinic for LASEK eye surgery. Having been short sighted (-9 and -8), I now have 20/20 vision in both eyes and my vision is more comfortable than before surgery (no dry eyes from contact lenses). Thank you so much to David Gartry and colleagues!

Sheila R

Dec 2020 - Cataract

I was very happy with the very professional care that I received from Prrofessor Gartrey and the team
I was given plenty of time to ask questions and was reassured by the answers given, he has excellent communication skills
I felt confident that Professor Gartrey would take the the utmost care and this indeed was the case
I am very pleased with the outcome of my cataract surgery


Nov 2020 - LASIK

Very happy, had Professor Gartry recommended and would highly recommend. The whole process was explained clearly and the results are amazing, very happy!

Faith M

Nov 2020 - LASIK

Professor Gartry and his team were excellent throughout – thorough, knowledgable and helpful. And of course excellent treatment and results. I wish I'd had it done years ago!

Sigita A

Nov 2020 - Refractive Lens Exchange

I have experinced the best service ever. All members of stuff we're very helpful and friendly. Thank you very much for helping me to get my vision back after an accident.

Jansen W

Nov 2020 - LASEK

Having the LASEK surgery is one of the best things I've done, really pleased to go from minus 9/10 to not needing glasses for most things, just for driving at night. The service from Prof Gartry and his team has been great. They take the time to clearly explain everything so you can make an informed choice. The treatment was quick and effective. Can highly recommend.

Anne T

Nov 2020 - Cataract

My cataracts had developed to a point where varifocals no longer helped. After an initial consultation taking account of lifestyle, hobbies, etc Dr Gartry advised multi focal lenses for both eyes. The operations were done over 5 weeks during the Covid 19 pandemic. Having had to shield I was a little nervous, but Dr Gartry and his staff were very reassuring. The operations were painless and quick. The staff at his clinic and Moorfields hospital were efficient and helpful. After a visit to my optician I decided to get varifocals for best distance and reading. However for daily activities and needs I am able to function very well without glasses. I will certainly recommend Dr Gartry to family and friends.

Jennifer S

Nov 2020 - Cataract

Efficient and excellent nursing staff. I will be recommending Professor David Gartry to everyone who will listen.

Louise H

Nov 2020 - LASIK

Having been longsighted for many years I was recommended to Prof Gartry to have laser eye surgery. I had this done three months ago and am thrilled with the result. I highly recommend Prof Gartry and his whole team. If there was a score out of ten I’d give them 11.

Zaid A-H

Nov 2020 - LASIK

I had quite a strong prescription of -7.5 and was never really a fan of contact lenses. After hearing from a family friend about the wonders of laser eye surgery, I began to research the possibilities. The work done at the Wimpole Eye Clinic really captured my attention and after reading various testimonials, I decided to book an appointment. All the staff here are very welcoming and you can tell they take great pride in the work (which they do at a supreme level). There wasn’t a single moment I felt anxious or ignored and I’m just so thankful I went through with it!