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Tamsyn R

Jun 2021 - LASIK

I would recommend this procedure if you are having difficulty with your current means of sight correction. I developed a corneal ulcer from contact lens wear and so needed an alternative. I found the pressure on my eye from the part of the procedure needed to facilitate the corneal flap lift was the worst part of the surgery – I didn’t feel the laser at all. The inserts and numbing drops to stop any blinking felt a bit weird and uncomfortable but still manageable. I think it’s important not to take the surgery lightly and to prepare yourself accordingly.

After the first surgery I was still wearing glasses for a very low prescription (-0.5) whenever I needed to see to the furthest reaches of my vision, or in (for example) busy train stations, but found (especially with the facemask fog) I wanted to get this corrected out too, and Professor Gartry was subsequently able to remove this small remaining shortsightedness so I no longer need to wear glasses at all. Very happy with the end result.

Belinda B

Jun 2021 - LASEK

Great experience from start to finish. Dr Gartry is great and makes you feel very relaxed. Delighted with the result.

Juliette W

Jun 2021 - Refractive Lens Exchange

Life Changing. A statement often used but in this case, it really is true. I started wearing glasses at the age of 7 and contact lenses at 15. My prescription was -11.5 so I relied on them every day – I couldn’t even trust myself to get out of bed in the mornings without putting my glasses on. I’ve always had a fear of someone leaving me in a room and taking my glasses/contact lenses off me – I simply wouldn’t be able to move. My activities were also restricted- swimming- or simply just making sure I always had glasses or spare lenses with me. After a few years of wondering whether I’d be suitable for treatment, I decided to take the plunge find out. I choose Moorfields. With only one pair of eyes, I wanted the best. Professor Gartry was recommended to me and from the first time I saw him, his gentle manner put me at ease. He explained that I wasn’t suitable for Laser treatment but that RLE was a definite option for me. There was no pressure at all and I came away with a lot of reading and research to do which I duly did and then booked the procedure a few months later. I would be having Multi Focal Torique Lenses. Even at this stage, the actual thought that I would be able to see with my own eyes still seemed a dream. On the day of my first operation, I arrived at Moorfields and from the moment I did so, all the staff were lovely. I was made to feel very comfortable and, although the realisation that I was about to change my life still seemed surreal, I wasn’t too nervous. Professor Gartry came in to see me and he was just as calm as I remembered. The actual operation itself – in two parts – laser to dissolve my own lense, then the surgery to put a new lense in was, quite simply, for me an absolute doddle! At not point could I feel anything or see anything – my slight concern – but could hear Professor Gartry talking the whole time. It all seemed very quick and I was soon on my way home, with my eye bandaged up. The next morning I did feel a little nervous sitting at my dressing table, taking the bandages off but it was absolutely amazing! I sat there, looking around my bedroom, using my own eye. To some, that may sound weird, but to those of us with such high prescriptions, it unbelievable. My eye was a little bloodshot but straight away I could see so well. I started on drops that day and had to wear a clear eye shield for one week at nighttime. I think night was when I noticed it more – just getting in and out of bed without the need to put glasses on was something I actually got used to very quickly. 7 days later, I had my other eye done. Over the next 6 weeks my eyesight improved. I’ve just had my final appointment with Professor Gartry and, following an eyesight test, my new prescription is -0.5. An absolutely amazing result from -11.5, Ive decided to get glasses just for night driving to make sure the car headlights are crystal clear but for all other aspects of my life, I won’t be wearing any. And, after 40yrs of wearing glasses, that still seems incredible to say. This operation, without a doubt, is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I would whole heartedly recommend Professor Gartry and Moorfields- they really have changed my life

Anna C

Jun 2021 - Refractive Lens Exchange

Excellent results in vision
Very good communication, oral and written. Hence I was well prepared for the process of surgery and the (minimal) side effects. Efficient and compassionate care

Neil D

Jun 2021 - LASIK

From the first consultation to the last, I have been extremely pleased with the service provided and of course the surgery was a huge success too.
I would definitely recommend
Thank you so much

Stephanie C

Jun 2021 - Refractive Lens Exchange

In reviewing Professor David Gartry and his teams, both at Wimpole Street and Moorfields Eye Hospital, I can confirm that they provided a hugely professional approach to eye surgery combined with a very efficient and reassuring experience throughout. The surgery was made comfortable, painfree and straightforward. The results are outstanding, restoring a level of vision that is exceptional and which has transformed day to day living. I can heartily recommend Professor Gartry at the Wimpole Eye Clinic.


Jun 2021 - LASEK

Having a very high prescription of -8.50 prior to surgery, LASEK has been life changing. I am so happy to now have 20/20 vision, thank you Professor Gartry.

Joseph R

Jun 2021 - Cataract

Excellent professional attention. My treatment was painless and not at all scary.

Dimitri T

Jun 2021 - LASIK

I would definitely recommend LASIK surgery to anyone who is thinking about getting the surgery done and I cannot thank David Gartry and the team enough. Very professional and assuring throughout, procedure was quick and painless will definitely be recommending mr.gartry to anyone thinking about LASIK


Jun 2021 - Cataract

A miracle that has changed my life.