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Isobel D

Aug 2021 - LASIK

Easy and pain free procedure with better than 20:20 vision

Rebecca P

Aug 2021 - LASEK

David Gartry was recommended to me by a friend who underwent the same procedure a few years prior to mine. I had Lasek in May and found the whole experience great from start to finish. Everything was explained clearly during the initial consultation which made me feel at ease and excited to go ahead with the procedure. The surgery itself was pain free however, as expected I did have some discomfort during the first few days of recovery but the eye drops and painkillers helped a lot! My vision gradually improved and I was so happy on my final visit recently to find out I now have 6/6 vision. I’m a keen swimmer and enjoy the sea so it’s made going to the beach/ pool much more enjoyable now that I don’t have the worry of getting my contact lenses wet/ sand in my eyes. I’m also getting married next year in Sardinia on the beach so really looking forward to not faffing with my lenses on my wedding day. I can’t recommend David Gartry and his team enough. They are all so friendly and very professional. My only regret is that I wish I had done it sooner!

Neil W

Aug 2021 - Cataract

The care I had from Professor Gartry and his team was excellent.

He allocates plenty of time to assess your eyes carefully and to discuss the best options. He provides good written and online information to help you decide.

I had cataracts removed and lens implants in both eyes a week apart and have recovered with excellent vision, no longer needing distance/driving glasses.

The ultrasound measurement recommended by Professor Gartry to help select the most suitable implants certainly benefited me.
Like most patients I was nervous about having eye surgery but the actual experience was very good with Professor Gartry’s expertise and experience evident in theatre with good communication by him and his team with the patient throughout this quick and efficient treatment.

Both eyes recovered quickly and without problems, the prescribed eye drop regimen is easy to follow.
I would recommend seeing Professor Gartry at the Wimpole Eye Clinic if you have cataracts. The treatment is good value for money in the context of being diagnosed, advised and treated personally by a world leading clinician. He provides excellent follow up care to ensure and support full recovery.

It was an excellent caring efficient service!

Harriet W-Gee

Aug 2021 - LASIK

I am so thrilled with my treatment – the whole experience was so well organised and Dr Gartry’s manner in the operating room is so calming it wasn’t even scary. My vision is brilliant and it is 100% the best decision I have ever made to get it done! Thank you!


Aug 2021 - LASIK

I have worn glasses for many years for reading as being longsighted and with a lazy eye I was dubious that laser eye surgery would work for me. My partner has a successful experience with Professor Gartry so I booked a consultation to see if I was suitable.
The consultation was very thorough and when I met Professor Gartry he indicated following the surgery what my eyesight would look like. I was pleased considering my poor sight with my lazy eye and booked my appointment for surgery.

The surgery was on a Saturday morning and was painful for the first 24 hours, but by the Monday I was working. I automatically went to put on my glasses to work and was amazed that I couldn’t see anything and that I could work without any glasses. This was so amazing and now after 3 months and following the after consultation I have 20/20 vision in my good eye and my lazy eye has improved.

So if you are thinking about laser eye surgery go to Professor Gartry and feel confident you are in safe hands.

Lauren C

Aug 2021 - LASIK

5* experience! Having worn glasses for 20 years I am so happy to be free from them!
The procedure was completely pain free and Prof Gartry & all the nurses were so good; putting my nerves at ease. I'd highly recommend Prof Gartry & LASIK – my only regret I didn't do it sooner!


Ben S

Aug 2021 - LASEK

As someone with -10 short-sightedness in both eyes since a young age, I had never considered laser eye surgery. The service from David and team was fantastic. I am now pretty much 20/20 in both eyes which is life changing. For anyone considering going ahead, definitely do it!!!

Alex M

Aug 2021 - LASIK

I cannot recommend LASIK at Wimpole Eye Clinic enough. I had surgery in April 2021, with a prescription of -6.5 in both eyes with a slight astigmatism, and within 3 days my eyesight was better than 20/20 and better than the Royal Air Force's standard.

I had my consultation within a week from the first call, and then my surgery within a month.

Overall, my experience has been extremely pleasant, quick, and life-changing.

Lesley Z

Jul 2021 - Refractive Lens Exchange

Brilliant experience, I had a very high prescription and now I am 0.5 absolutely amazing and it has changed my life, David Gartry was a pleasure to deal with and all of the staff

Kate R

Jul 2021 - LASIK

I'm really happy with how my LASIK procedure went. David Gartry came highly recommend and after lots of research I decided he was the best man for the job. I would highly recommend him to anyone else who's thinking of having eye surgery. The procedure itself went really smoothly and there was hardly any pain afterwards. I can now see 20/20 and I would do it all over again to be able to not wear glasses. Thank you David you've changed my life!