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Andrew G

Feb 2024 - LASEK, Refractive Lens Exchange

I felt like I was in very safe hands throughout the whole process of lens replacement performed by Professor Gartry.

From the initial consultation through to the procedure at Moorfields Eye Hospital, Professor Gartry explained everything that was going to happen. This was very reassuring.

I am now enjoying the freedom of not needing glasses for distance or reading. Never having to search for lost pairs in the garden, under the seats in the car or where ever else I managed to leave them. It is great to be typing this review on my iPhone without glasses.

I highly recommend the procedure and if you are considering it too, Moorifields with Professor Gartry is the premiere option.

Dil F

Feb 2024 - LASIK

Both myself and my mom got our eye surgeries done (2 different type of surgeries due to the age difference) with Professor Gartry in November 2023. The entire experience has been very smooth. Professor Gartry is very calming, gentle and talented- makes his patient feel at ease during all stages. Initially you need to go for a consultation so they can assess you accurately. Both myself and my mom would highly recommend his practice.

This has been one of the best decisions I have made achieving a great vision- no more glasses and contact lenses!

David R

Jan 2024 - Refractive Lens Exchange

I had both eyes done in one visit in Nov 2023. The whole process from pre op to post op was seemless.

The result is beyond my expectations. I am not wearing glasses for anything.

Sarah L

Jan 2024 - LASIK

I had LASIK with Prof Gartry in April 2023 and the outcomes and pre and post op care have been fantastic. Prof Gartry and his team are responsive and reassuring- I’ve felt in very safe hands throughout. As many have said before, I just wish I’d done it sooner!

Nadia J

Jan 2024 - LASIK

My brother received laser from Prof Gartry a few years ago and I finally made the decision to follow suit. I was 26 at the time of my surgery so I was quite nervous, having never undergone any major surgeries or operations and this being the first in my life. From start to finish, the procedure was flawless. David was thorough in giving me his step by step of what would happen on the day, and was calming my nerves by gently explaining what each part of the procedure was as he was doing it in real time. It was totally painless and the after care was equally as thorough so I did not suffer in the healing process either. I feel like I have been given a new lease of life and will forever be grateful for my new vision 😊

Una C

Dec 2023 - LASIK

My relative and I had wavefront lasik eye surgery at different times with Professor David Gartry. He is the best in the UK. I had mine done over 20 years ago and I can still see clearly in the distance. I would recommend this for anyone 25 or over so you get maximum benefit before you need reading glasses.

Freya H

Nov 2023 - LASEK

I had a wonderful experience with David and his team, they were very professional and gave me all the information I needed before, during and after my Lasek treatment. Thank you very much!

Ann P

Nov 2023 - Refractive Lens Exchange

Excellent service from Professor Gartry and his whole team. Fully supported throughout. Personal and professional care and excellent results. It’s a life changer.

Rachel F

Nov 2023 - LASEK

Very happy with my experience. I had lasek surgery with David Gartry and my vision went from almost -8 in both eyes to 20-20 vision in both eyes! I was given all of the information I needed and talked through every step in the process and I’m so happy I decided to go for it!

Mrs Khan

Nov 2023 - LASEK

I had the absolute pleasure of being treated by Dr David Gartry for eye laser surgery, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the exceptional care I received. From the moment I stepped into the clinic, Professor Gartry’s professionalism and expertise were evident. During the surgery, Professor Gartry took the time to explain every step of the procedure, putting me at ease and ensuring I had complete confidence in his skills. The surgery itself wasn’t as bad as I thought, thanks to his precision and attention to detail.

What truly sets Professor Gartry apart is his genuine commitment to patient care. He was not only a masterful surgeon but also a compassionate and reassuring presence throughout the entire process. I left the clinic with improved vision and a profound sense of gratitude for Professor Gartry’s outstanding work.

I highly recommend Professor Gartry to anyone seeking eye laser surgery. His expertise, clear communication, and unwavering dedication to patient well-being make him a top-tier choice for vision correction. Thank you, Professor Gartry, for the gift of improved sight and a truly exceptional surgical experience.