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Rhona C

Jun 2022 - Refractive Lens Exchange

I had worn contact lenses for many years and when a cataract appeared made the decision to have lens replaced. My optician recommended Professor Gartry and after our first meeting I knew I was in safe hands. We decided on mono vision (similar to my contact prescription) and I am delighted with the result.
I have 20/20 vision in one eye and the other one is for mid to close work. So now I see very well in distance and can use computer and read small print unaided. A perfect result! I was taken care of so well during the operations, they were painless and over in such a short time. Professor Gartry and team were so kind. I wish I had not waited for the cataract to appear and had it done years ago! Life changing!

Matthew E

Jun 2022 - LASEK

Great from the get go, explaining everything in full detail and showing other methods of surgery and advising witch one is best on what I do for a job and hobbies.


Jun 2022 - LASIK

I had a very good experience with Professor Gartry and his staff. I was nervous but the whole process was clearly explained to me, together with what to expect during and after the surgery. It has been completely successful and I can now see without any glasses or lenses – so liberating after so many years with both. After my first surgery the vision in one eye wasn't quite perfect because there was a huge correction to be made but I had a follow up surgery on that one eye and it has completely fixed the vision. This team are experts and I felt very safe with them.

Moshe B

Jun 2022 - LASIK

The best service I have ever received. Professor David Gartry is top in the country, so why go elsewhere? Makes no sense at all. They are very fairly priced and he is a very caring, honest and trusting person.

I had pre care, post care and the day of the operation was very relaxing, he walks through every single step.

I really have no words to thank David and the team, it was just all so amazing.

I considered the Focus clinic beforehand as they have fantastic reveiws etc, but once my optician said, "Look, it's your eyes, go the Professor David Gartry and no one else, he is the TOP in the country."

And to finish, the aftercare, you would expect to meet with a normal optician, but no you get to see David again.

A massive thanks to all the team.

Nicholas S

Jun 2022 - Cataract

Before the surgery, everything was explained in painstaking detail. The operations were completely pain-free and the immediate after-effects were exactly as described: instantly clearer vision and greater brightness and colour intensity. I did experience a high degree of smarting and watering of both eyes for several days, which Professor Gartry ascribed to a rare allergic reaction to the eye drops – he changed these , with very quick elimination of the problem. Everything has now settled down perfectly and I have excellent vision in both eyes, with no need for contact lenses or reading glasses any more. Truly life-changing!

Nicole H-J

Jun 2022 - Cataract

I had the surgery a couple months ago with Professor David Gartry. The result has been absolutely amazing. I have better than 20/20 vision now and I don't need any glasses anymore. The colours are so much clearer and fresher. So a life changing result. Thank you very much.


May 2022 - LASIK

Worth every penny!

I suffered from astigmatism which was affecting my overall clarity and long distance vision. After doing a lot of research on the best Laser Eye surgery specialists, a close family friend of mine recommended Professor Gartry. After the consultation, Professor Gartry recommended that I would be a suitable candidate for the Lasik eye surgery procedure, however he at no point pushed me to take the procedure, in fact he mentioned countless times that it is was up to me to do the procedure and thoroughly explained all the potential side affects and risks. However I decided it was worth the minor risks and I had the procedure done in January 2022, and I am so glad I did.

Clarity wise it is night and day, it's like I have gone from looking at the world in standard definition to high definition, especially when it comes to reading, everything is so much clearer. I now have 20/20 vision, which is what I use to have when I wore glasses.

So if you suffer from astigmatism like I use to, look no further!

Paul B

May 2022 - Cataract

My wife and I have now both undergone cataract surgery with Professor David Gartry. On this occasion it was to treat my right eye after similar treatment to the left eye three years ago. All the pre and post operative procedures were completed at the Wimpole Street Eye Clinic and the surgery at Moorfield's Eye Hospital. The whole team at both were efficient, professional and re-assuring throughout and the results have been excellent.

Seema K

May 2022 - LASIK

Professor Gartry and his team were utterly professional and able to put me at my ease as I was fairly nervous about the procedure. I wish I'd done it years ago, as it's life changing! Thank you

Ian J

May 2022 - Refractive Lens Exchange

Excellent service, far easier than I expected.