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Don B

May 2022 - LASEK

Professor Gartry and the whole team at Wimpole Eye Clinic where extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Trust was built from the first consultation, which I feel is vital when it comes to your eyes. I am so happy I decided to have the procedure, the results have been amazing. I would definitely recommend Professor Gartry and the whole team,.

Michael P

May 2022 - LASIK

I was very pleased with my decision to have laser eye surgery with Professor David Gartry. He was incredibly reassuring and provided comprehensive information about the treatment and procedure. On the day, it went as well as I could have hoped for and I'm delighted with the final result of 20/20 vision. I would highly recommend Professor Gartry.

Laurence A

Apr 2022 - Refractive Lens Exchange

I had a very high prescription of -14 in both eyes with added Astigmatism which meant I was extremely short sighted. As an active 50+ person I was very keen to investigate a solution to correct my vision so I contacted Moorfields and was referred to Professor Gartry. After a detailed initial consultation the only option available for me was to have lens replacement surgery. This is where the natural lens is replaced by an artificial lens. Professor Gartry explained all the techniques and options and I decided for a varifocal lens which would also aid my reading ability which was also failing. I had the operations in March and I am delighted with the outcome. I have donated my old glasses and lenses and I now have almost 20-20 vision and great close reading ability. The operation was very smooth and pain-free and the care was superb. I'm so glad I made this investment – colours are more vivid, images are sharper and I no longer have to think about glasses or lenses. I would highly recommend Professor Gartry and his team.

Elizabeth B

Apr 2022 - Cataract

Some 20 years ago professor Gartry changed my life when he performed laser surgery to correct my severe short sightedness. Over the last 5 years or so I have been developing cataracts in both eyes. I decided to consult David Gartry again as my sight had deteriorated due to the cataracts so that I was only just able to drive lawfully. I had my first eye done in February this year and on David’s advice the lens was replaced with a multi focal one. David Gartry explained the complete procedure and answered all my questions. David came to see me just before the procedure which I found very reassuring. The staff at Moorfields were friendly, attentive and performed with great competence. I am a retired nurse and have a critical eye for these things. Following the procedure which was done in a calm and peaceful atmosphere I was able to go home with eye drops and carefully prepared written instructions. My other eye was done about a week or so later and another multi focal lens was fitted. Again the experience was first rate. I was able to drive after a couple of weeks and m my sight has now improved to almost 20/20 vision again. I don’t need glasses to read small print or to drive, which at the age of nearly 69 is very pleasing. My world is no longer grey. My life has been transformed. Thank you Professor Gartry and Moorfields Hospital..

Fedros S

Apr 2022 - Refractive Lens Exchange

Dr Gartry is a wizard and has the hand of an Angel. I used to have 2 sets of glasses for reading and distance now i have 20/20 vision! From initial consultation to surgery was effortless mainly down to the lovely team he has assembled to look work with him. As far as surgery went there was no pain or discomfort and you are kept fully informed at every stage. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Many thanks to Dr Gartry and his lovely team!

Michael N

Apr 2022 - LASIK

This laser surgery to my left eye enables me to read without the need for reading glasses. After wearing a contact lens in my left eye for a week, I found my brain could cope with the reading image coming from my left eye. As a result I went ahead with the surgery to this eye , and two follow up check ups. From start to finish I received amazing care from David Gartry and his team. I am delighted with the outcome, it now feels I never had to wear glasses for 10 years. So my heartfelt thanks again to you David. Best wishes Mike Newton


Apr 2022 - LASIK

I had very poor vision in both my eyes and having laser eye surgery was the best decision I ever made. I could instantly see clearly when I sat up from the table, and my vision was crystal clear the following day after the surgery. Three months later, I still cannot recommend laser eye surgery enough. The freedom I now have in my day-to-day life has made me an entirely new person, with my confidence being through the roof.

Jonathan S

Apr 2022 - LASIK

I couldn't recommend Dr Gartry & the Wimpole Clinic more! I had a significant imbalance in my prescription (left eye very long sighted/astigmatic) and often suffered from headaches, so Dr Gartry recommended treating my left eye only to bring my eyes into balance. I now have no need for glasses/contacts and don't suffer from headaches, a perfect outcome!! The surgery was seamless and the end to end experience was fantastic – it was clear from the start I was in the very best of hands. I couldn't be happier and now recommend Dr Gartry to everyone I meet!

Karen B

Apr 2022 - Refractive Lens Exchange

I’ve taken a while to write this testimonial as I wanted to get it right! I had refractive lens exchange at the end of 2021. I had both eyes done, a week apart and I cannot speak highly enough of the whole process from start to finish.

Prof. Gartry is so approachable. No question is too silly or unnecessary. He is happy to answer all questions right up to the surgery and beyond! Questions are also answered very quickly.

The whole team at Wimpole Street are lovely too – especially Christine, one of Prof. Gartry’s secretary’s who was in regular contact.

On the operation days, again the team at Moorfields were fantastic, from all of the nurses to the anaesthetist and of course Prof. Gartry himself who was reassuring throughout. Even though I didn’t understand a word of it, it’s lovely to hear him talk through and explain what is happening throughout the procedure.

The aftercare was easy to follow, everything was painless and again Prof. Gartry was there to check and reassure as things settled.

I began with around a -11 prescription in both eyes and am left with military vision in both eyes! I’ve gone from being completely reliant on contact lenses and glasses to not needing anything at all!

The results have exceeded my wildest expectations and certainly changed my life for the better. I cannot thank or recommend Prof. Gartry and his whole time highly enough.

Sarah A

Apr 2022 - LASIK

I am very grateful to Professor Gartry and his staff for their support and care during my lasik surgery. Professor Gartry is a compassionate and remarkable ophthalmologist. I felt incredibly well-cared for, reassured and safe throughout the whole experience. Prior the surgery, he was able to not only reassure me, but also took the time to see speak with my anxious father in the waiting room.

The surgery and recovery process was very quick and relatively painless. I was able to see clearly immediately post-surgery and was able to return to my university studies 2 days later. Professor Gartry and his staff were very attentive; they were willing to swiftly book me in for extra appointments if I had any concerns or problems between the surgery and the 3-month follow up. My eyes have healed very well, my vision is crystal clear with a prescription of 0, and I have no dry eyes or any issues at all.

Our eyes and sight are vital aspects of our lives, thus choosing a surgeon who is able to perform a successful surgery whilst also achieving optimal results is crucial. I highly recommend Professor Gartry to anyone considering lasik not only due to my experience, but also due to the fact that he is an experienced, world renowned ophthalmologist and a pioneer in lasik. I felt very relaxed leaving the fate of my eyes in his hands and I am definitely grateful that I did.

Thank you again Professor Gartry for my fantastic results!