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Kathryn H

Oct 2019 - LASIK

Cannot recommend highly enough. Professor Gartry and his team are incredibly responsive and professional and the results are outstanding. Thank you so much.

Matthew B

Oct 2019 - LASIK

From consultation, through to surgery and aftercare the whole process has been seamless. I trusted David with one of life's most precious things and felt safe and happy throughout. Thank you.

Martin L

Oct 2019 - LASIK

Excellent service from start to finish, thank you. I have virtually perfect vision with no discomfort. A very happy customer & I would certainly recommend to others.


Sep 2019 - LASIK

I'm very pleased with the result, if anything I should have done it earlier!

It amazing to be able to see without glasses after so long… Especially doing sports and at the beach it provides a great sense of freedom.

Amandip A

Sep 2019 - LASIK

I'm extremely happy with the results of my surgery. The whole process from the initial checkup up until the surgery and the final three month check up was handled very smoothly. All my questions were answered at all times by Professor David Gartry who's readily available for his patients at pretty much all times. Thank you to the whole team at the Wimpole Eye Clinic.

Lee M

Sep 2019 - LASIK

Re. LASIK surgery with Prof. David Gartry.

Very thorough initial examination to determine my prescription and suitability for surgery gave me confidence pre surgery. Post surgery I am very happy with better than 20/20 vision with only minimal side effect of "Dry eye". David team very professional throughout the entire process. Surgery itself was quick with excellent medical staff at hand to assist David. Post surgery I felt like David was always there if I needed to contact him though it was not required. Good job!

Henrik R

Sep 2019 - LASIK

I am very happy with my treatment. Perfect eyesight after three months. Professor Gartry and his team were super professional throughout the whole process.

Alex K

Sep 2019 - LASIK

Incredible results – I have had a progressively stronger prescription since the age of 10, settling at around -9.5 & -8 now at the age of 30. I had wanted to explore surgery for a few years and found myself in a position to do so with very tempered expectations. I'm delighted to now have 20/20 vision after the fantastic work of Prof. Gartry and his team. Could not recommend the surgery and Prof. Gartry highly enough. The results are truly life changing: no more carrying lenses and glasses on holiday, worrying about lenses during sport etc. Waking up a being able to see for the first time was breath taking. If you're in two minds I'd fully recommend it….and remember to stick to the after care procedure!

Peter T

Sep 2019 - Refractive Lens Exchange

Could not be happier with the outcome. I have disposed of 12 old pairs of glasses and can read small print,warch TV and drive without the need for any. Very satisfied.


Sep 2019 - Refractive Lens Exchange

I have been so pleased with everything to do with my treatment and especially the results which are amazing. I'm so pleased .