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Greg B

Feb 2023 - LASEK

Life changing…..the only words I can use to describe LASEK surgery performed by Professor Gartry.

At the age of 34 I had been thinking about having Laser Surgery for a number of years but always been quite apprehensive about it due to my high prescription. I was a -11 in my left eye and -9.5 in my right. I knew from doing my own research that there was a good chance I would still need glasses post operation. I finally decided to take the plunge after being recommended to Professor Gartry by my optician. The BEST decision I have ever made.

All appointments, through from the initial consultation to the final follow up were extremely professional and very reassuring. I was given all the information that I needed to make an informed decision. I was told that the most likely result would be getting me down to around a -1/-1.5 which I would have been pleased with and would have been able to get through the vast majority of daily life without the need for glasses.

The procedure itself lasted 10 minutes and was really straight forward. Professor Gartry talks you through every step of the process, what he is doing, what will happen next and how long for etc. In terms of aftercare once home, the first 48hrs are not pleasant. I spent most of my time in a very dark room with sunglasses on and a t-shirt over my head listening to Podcasts. Once you are through those first couple of days it gets much easier but be prepared to be in quite a bit of discomfort to start with.

I have just had my final follow up appointment and from a -11 and -9.5 I now have better than 20/20 vision and both eyes are a 0 prescription. I have better vision now than I ever had with lenses or glasses. I cannot thank Professor Gartry and his team enough, they have changed my life!

Michael McL

Feb 2023 - Refractive Lens Exchange

Highly recommended, with outstanding results – 20/20 long distance vision restored with multifocal lenses. Reassuringly, the whole process was sympathetically and comprehensively explained by Professor Gartry and his team; all my questions and concerns were answered fully; and his and his team's professionalism throughout and standard of care were second to none. By repute (from various sources), he is the top eye surgeon to go to. I could not recommend him more highly.

Chris F

Jan 2023 - Refractive Lens Exchange

Fantastic results. I am able to work and play sports without the need to wear my glasses. Could not recommend David Gartry, enough!

Wiaam S

Dec 2022 - LASIK

Dr David Gartry and his team have done an amazing job at helping me live my life without glasses. Now I don’t have to worry about them falling off when I play football.

Andy J

Dec 2022 - Cataract

Top Surgeon. Unlike some leading doctors always prepared to spend time discussing options and explaining the surgery. Totally professional.

Dan C

Dec 2022 - Cataract

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I have never left a review before. However, I felt compelled to leave a review for Prof. Gartry because he is an exceptional Dr. who deserves the highest praise possible. In addition to being a first class practitioner in his field, Prof. Gartry is humble in his manner, putting anyone at ease. His entire team, at both Clinic and Moorfield Hospital, are wonderful. My experience was seamless. Thank you! You have brought back my eyesight. Dan Caspi

Gillian K

Dec 2022 - LASIK

I came to see Professor Gartry as I was recommended to him. I had had a cataract operation done locally in Guildford and the consultant had made a grave mistake making my eyesight much closer than it should have been which left me feeling very unstable for a year and half and I was really struggling. From the moment I met Professor Gartry I had confidence in him. He had a very calm manner, was very knowledgeable and explained to me exactly why I had felt so unsteady and how he could correct my eyesight. I was so grateful!

Professor Gartry performed laser surgery to correct my sight and I now feel so much better. I was very nervous in the beginning but his calm manner calmed me right down. I have to say I would highly recommend him and am so grateful to him for correcting my eyesight. Thank you Prof Gartry xxxx

John W

Sep 2022 - Refractive Lens Exchange

I am delighted to confirm that Prof David Gartry is a consumate proffessional and I received excellent treatment with excellent results.

Caroline D

Sep 2022 - LASIK

I was quite badly short sighted and had been so since being a child and could not do anything without contact lenses or glasses. I originally had my surgery just before the 2020 lockdown. Prior to surgery the checks and tests that are run are very comprehesive and I felt that all my questions were answered by the Moorfields team. The surgery itself did NOT hurt but it is a rather strange sensation. To set expectatations I had expected a miracle "cure" and indeed it was but it did take my eyes a couple of days to settle and so my vision was a bit hit and miss. I thought that I would have this moment whereby everything would be completely clear immediately and for me that didn't happen although I didn't need to use lenses or glasses straight away!

I saw Prof. Gartry on the Monday following the procedure and it became clear that I was one of the 4% for whom it hadn't completely "worked". I was still very slightly myopic (-0.50 in my left and -0.25 in my right) in both eyes but technically I had 20/20 vision. I agreed that I would like to think about re-treatment after the 3 month settling period but unfortunately lockdown put paid to that.

I then saw Prof Gartry in January of this year and I still felt the same. Although I was no longer wearing glasses or lenses for most things I was wearing them to drive and to watch tv etc. I also haven't yet worked out how to hold back time so I knew that I would ultimately require reading glasses so in effect 2 different pairs or varifocals. I had one eye retreated in May of this year. I believe it was my dominant eye and this has provided me with superb distance vision in that eye albeit my close up isn't perfect. This was clearly explained to me that this would be the outcome. However, in my right eye I am still fractionally short sighted but my close up vision is better. When I use both eyes I am incredibly happy with my overall vision. I no longer wear glasses at all and I've just turned 55. I do accept that as I age I will need reading glasses but who doesn't?

All in all I am delighted that I undertook this procedure. I've worn glasses in some shape or other since I was 9 years old and prior to treatment would sleep with my glasses under my pillow in case I needed to get up in the night. I am now the only person in my house not wearing them!

I was also provided with a great deal fo comfort in that Prof. Gartry is a leading expert in this field and the surgery was carried out at Moorfieldsl the world's leading eye hospital. I would not have gone anywhere else.

Paula I

Sep 2022 - Cataract

I am absolutely delighted with the result of my operation. I no longer need glasses to read my morning paper and no longer have to search for glasses .Professor Gartry filled me with confidence and calmness. I felt no pain, and was comfortable through the whole procedure. Thank you so much.