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Jenny A

Jun 2024 - LASIK

I had LASIK surgery with Professor Gartry 3 weeks ago. It is truly life changing. I’ve gone from -6.25 prescription to perfect vision. I still can’t believe I can wake up and see so clearly. Dr Gartry is professional and reassuring throughout the procedure. So pleased I took the plunge and went ahead with the procedure. 10/10!

Janet W

May 2024 - Refractive Lens Exchange

I have recently had bilateral refractive lens exchange performed by Professor Gartry at Moorfields Eye Hospital, London.

Moorfields was recommended to me by a friend who had cataract surgery there after initially pursuing the NHS route. She found the entire experience stress free and reassuring with excellent care and communication.

Having looked at the consultants who have clinics at Moorfields, I didn’t feel it necessary to choose a specific surgeon, but having been allocated David Gartry, I read his profile and realised that he is one of the most experienced and highly regarded eye surgeons available. He has a very approachable manner and is extremely reassuring.

My husband is now in the process of arranging RLE and will of course be under the care of Professor Gartry following my recommendation!

Ruth M

May 2024 - Refractive Lens Exchange

There are many consultants at Moorfields Private who do this procedure, but luckily I was given Prof. Gartry who along with being one of the most experienced eye surgeons in the UK, is also very approachable and person-centred.

I first enquired about having RLE in August 2019. I ended up having the surgery in Jan of this year, 2024. I did a lot of research, about the pros and cons of the process, mainly from the point of view of driving. After the break forced by Covid, I recontacted the surgery in July 2020, with a view to starting the process again. However, as sometimes happens, life gets in the way, and I did not take it up, until contacting the surgery for a third time in Sept. 2023.

This time I did pros and cons research in a much wider aspect, covering a multitude of questions. I was actually still checking it on the morning of my surgery – not recommended, but I had to find out!

Prof. Gartry’s clinic encourages you to ask questions and you can email any of them to him and he will respond. This helped to put me at ease. I always felt I was in control of my process, and respected as an individual. You also get printed detailed information about the process and what to expect at each stage – before, during, and after the surgery. ‘During’ never seemed that bad to me from day one. I have always been a bit squeamish about anything to do with the eyes, but his clinic made it seem very calm, matter of fact, and even enjoyable!

I can now say having experienced the surgery that this was for the most part true. Although understandably I was nervous on the day, I felt also very confident I’d made the right decision due to all my research, and importantly, that I was in good hands.

This carried me through, and now with my (apparently)! 20/20 vision, I am enjoying a new lease of life. Freedom from glasses (only a level 1 reading pair from Boots) is amazing! I retired in the year of Covid, but kept quite busy. Now I’m busier than ever, and doing more work in the community. Not to mention continuing developing my interests and having fun!

Thank you Professor Gartry and his team.

Karim A

May 2024 - PTK Laser

I was recommended to Professor Gartry after suffering from severe Recurrent corneal erosion in both eyes which had progressively worsened over the ten years. In need of a solution for the pain, and the NHS waiting list being too long, I was able to meet with Professor Gartry at his Moorfield Clinic a week after making contact. Going in I was nervous and tired from the ongoing pain but after leaving I was optimistic about the surgery offered to me which was PTK to regrow new and stronger cells in hope to eliminate the erosions but to also fix my eyesight too, eliminating the need for glasses, which I wasn’t expecting and was a exciting bonus!

On my surgery day everything ran smoothly, Professor Gartry and his team explained everything to me in detail and Professor Gartry spoke to me throughout the surgery explaining step by step what was happening and reassuring me I was doing great. The Aftercare was excellent too. PTK recovery for me was painful for the first 3 – 5 days, but I was given all the eyedrops needed with easy instructions on how to use, and when I ran out of numbing drops to ease the pain my father had to make one phone call and one journey to Gartry’s office and was handed more than enough to help with the pain. My first follow up appointment was around a week later and my second 6 months later (which is usually 3 months, but I was away).

In the end I cannot thank Professor Gartry and his team enough. My eyes have healed perfectly from the erosions, and I now have near 20/20 vision and no more glasses! It’s life changing for me, and I couldn’t recommend anyone other than Professor Gartry for his expertise and dedication when it comes to our eyes.

Mary B

May 2024 - Cataract

I first met Professor Gartry in 2007 to have- laser surgery for my life long shortsight and ended up with perfect vision for many years. The procedure had been painless and without any side effects so that, when , with age , cataracts developed I did not hesitate to return to Professor Gartry and his team at Moorfields Hospital. I’ve now got my perfect sight back again and would certainly recommend Professor Gartry and his team for the whole procedure and the care and attention I received throughout.

Sam C

Apr 2024 - LASEK

As someone who is uncomfortable around anything to do with their eyes I never thought I would be a suitable candidate for laser eye surgery. I was wrong about this, I received LASEK from David at the end of last year and I can honestly say that the experience was nothing short of exceptional.

I was kept fully informed throughout, given an honest recommendation about the best surgery for my situation and was never pushed to make any decision I wasn’t comfortable with.

The surgery itself was not a big deal at all, even for an ‘eye-phobe’ like myself – I was in and out within 20 minutes and given an very detailed aftercare plan and contact details to get in touch at any time if I needed anything. This coupled with David’s very professional yet friendly demeanour gave me the re-assurance I needed to go home and begin my recovery. Three months down the line I now have perfect vision with no issues.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend David and his amazing team to anyone looking to explore the idea of receiving laser eye surgery. Thank you so much!

S Kennedy

Apr 2024 - Refractive Lens Exchange

Professor Gartry performed Refractive Lens Replacement surgery on both my eyes. He had done the same for my partner and another friend of ours a few years before so was highly recommended by them. I would like to add my own recommendation now, having completed my final check-up. The whole process was explained very thoroughly and all my questions answered. The Private Moorfields experience was great and I was very impressed with the anaesthetist and all other staff who looked after me during the two days of surgery (one for each eye, one week apart). Professor Gartry filled me with confidence and I felt I made my decision with the right amount of information. I am now able to read again without using glasses, which has been wonderful. Night driving is a bit more challenging as lights do have a ‘halo’ which, for me, is more pronounced than pre-op. However, this was explained to me beforehand and I was fully aware. It is improving with time as I get more used to it, too. In summary, I would highly recommend Professor Gartry for this eye surgery.

Kunal P

Apr 2024 - LASEK

Excellent LASEK treatment. My eyes were pretty bad (~6.50 prescription + ~3.50 astigmatism – so 10 overall), but I’ve now got vision better than 20-20. Would definitely recommend.


Apr 2024 - LASIK

It’s been slightly over a month since I had my lasik eye surgery with Professor Gartry. The whole process from start to finish was nothing short of a dream. He definitely is the best at what he does. From not being able to see without my glasses at all to having vision better than 20/20 is just incredible. He’s extremely warm which really puts one at ease & is very open to answering all your questions, no matter how silly. His entire team at the clinic is also very accommodating and helpful. Would definitely recommend.

Andrew G

Feb 2024 - LASEK, Refractive Lens Exchange

I felt like I was in very safe hands throughout the whole process of lens replacement performed by Professor Gartry.

From the initial consultation through to the procedure at Moorfields Eye Hospital, Professor Gartry explained everything that was going to happen. This was very reassuring.

I am now enjoying the freedom of not needing glasses for distance or reading. Never having to search for lost pairs in the garden, under the seats in the car or where ever else I managed to leave them. It is great to be typing this review on my iPhone without glasses.

I highly recommend the procedure and if you are considering it too, Moorifields with Professor Gartry is the premiere option.