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Richard E

Oct 2021 - Refractive Lens Exchange

I am a 30 year wearer of contact lenses to help with my short vision. About 7 years ago I also started to require reading glasses for computer, phone and more importantly menu use…

My optician suggested I consider lens replacement a couple of years ago.

Once the seed was planted, it took a combination of frustration with glasses (not remembering them mostly), the cost of contact lenses and the realisation that short term pain would be worth it for not having to use glasses and contact lenses going forward, for me to decide to go for it.

My optician said 'if you're looking for the best in the country, look no further than Professor Gartry.'

Being surgery I was expecting pain, but with the well planned process (and drugs) there wasn't any pain to speak of. The eye drops took a little getting used to post surgery, but it's no real hardship for a month.

From the initial meeting right the way through to being signed off with 20/20 vision last week (I've never been able to say that before!) the process was smooth & had clearly been put together with the patient in mind.

There is lots of documentation provided to help you decide whether lens replacement is for you. The key parts for me were a) becoming glasses and lenses free, and b) recovery time, which is 6-8 weeks. I needed a temporary set of glasses to enable me to be able to drive in the first month. I was able to read menus the day after my first eye was done – amazing. After the second eye was done, colours were much more vivid and much more light gets through (sunglasses needed for a week or 2). The multifocal lenses used for me are brilliant.

As if all the above isn't enough, the icing on the cake is that the chances of me requiring cataract surgery later in life are now vastly reduced.

Based on my experience and results, I would (and have) recommended Professor Gartry and his team to anyone looking for help with their eyes.


Oct 2021 - LASIK

Absolutely fantastic, it has changed my life since having LASIK. I had a prescription of -3.00 and -2.75 and now my eyesight is perfect. I would strongly recommend to anyone thinking of having this procedure. All the staff are so friendly and informative throughout. I cannot thank them all enough!

Tiffany N

Oct 2021 - Cataract

Very satisfied with my treatment by Professional David Gartry and his professional team .
After the operation, I feel like I have bough myself a high definition TV, everything is so clear and colourful.

Rustom F

Sep 2021 - LASEK

Professor Gartry was recommended to me by one of his former patients. As I'm a martial artist, it was decided that I should go for LASEK. The procedure itself was basically painless. If you're a contact lens wearer you'll be used to having things close to your eye. Really not a big deal and I went home unassisted. Then the pain kicked in. I won't lie, it's a grim couple of days but the anaesthetic eye drops really work well. Plan to shut yourself in a dark room and sleep away the time. I had my procedure on a Saturday, came back in and was cleared to drive on a Thursday and then drove to Wales for a camping trip on the Friday. My night vision took about an extra week to start coming back but now, nearly 4 months later I can't even tell I had the surgery. I was seeing perfectly within a week and within 10 days my vision was better than it ever was, even with glasses. I'm now apparently at the Royal Air Force standard and have better than 20/20 vision (6/3.8 since you ask!). Undoubtedly worth the 2 days of irritation following surgery (note, this is exclusive to LASEK, LASIK patients don't need to worry about this) and would recommend the surgery / Wimpole Eye Clinic / Professor Gartry to anyone. I should have done this years ago… I was a daily contact lens wearer for 10 years and never thought I was missing out of anything till I had my fancy new corrected vision. Thanks very much to Professor Gartry and the team!


Sep 2021 - LASIK

I had LASIK eye surgery done by Prof. Gartry and his team. It has changed my life, as I now can enjoy many sports that were difficult when wearing glasses. He was very professional throughout the consultation and put me at ease and I never felt like I was being sold on anything as he gave me time to think everything through.

Patricia Oliveira

Sep 2021 - Cataract

During my treatment for cataracts, Professor Gartry was at all times friendly, courteous, and professional, giving clear explanations of what cataract surgery would involve. Together with his anaesthetist he created a calm, reassuring atmosphere in theatre, and the surgery itself was pain-free, as was recovery.

Due to experiencing a rare complication – the toric lenses implanted for the correction of astigmatism moved out of the required precise alignment – I had to return to Moorfields to have the lenses rotated back into the correct position in the capsule. I am very happy with the professional way in which this hiccup was resolved by Professor Gartry and his team, and delighted to report that I now have 20:20 vision.

Having required glasses/contact lenses since my teens I am still getting used to being able to see clearly without the cornucopia of eyewear I formerly required! A big thank you to Professor Gartry, and his colleagues at Moorfields and the Wimpole Eye Clinic, for restoring my vision and for making the whole experience less stressful than it might otherwise have been.

Charlie G

Sep 2021 - Cataract

The information before the operation was concise, accurate and easy to comprehend. The procedure itself was highly straightforward with minimal discomfort. The care during and after outstanding. And now I can see with exceptional quality. I am eternally grateful and would recommend in a heartbeat to anyone considering this treatment.

Claire H

Sep 2021 - LASEK

Having been wearing glasses for almost 40 years, this has literally been life changing! I only wish is I had surgery years ago! From the first visit Professor Gartry and all his staff put me at ease and reassured me with simple answers to my questions. I was recommended to this clinic and have recommended others as I am absolutely delighted and felt quite emotional when I got signed off this week. Thank you all – best thing I have ever done!

Howard K

Sep 2021 - Refractive Lens Exchange

Professor David Gartry performed laser assisted refractive lens exchange on both of my eyes, the added complication being that I had a lazy left eye from birth.

The whole process from initial consultation to the procedure at Moorfields and two follow up appointments could not have gone smoother.

Professor Gartry is clearly a leading expert in his field, a very nice man to deal with, has a reassuring bedside manner and is plainly very highly experienced. He explained the likely outcome based upon a detailed examination of my eyes (which turned out to be 100% accurate)and answered all questions and concerns raised very clearly.

The procedure (and the whole recovery process) itself was entirely without discomfort (let alone pain) and all over in about 20 minutes.
The result has been quite astonishing. Whereas for example before I couldn’t read text messages or emails on my mobile phone without strong glasses, now I can read them without any glasses.

I had varifocal lenses implanted which (as I was long sighted before) means I can (for example) clearly read all the various dashboard instruments of my car and at the same time have excellent vision of the road without any glasses at all.

I am thoroughly delighted with the outcome (I am currently 2 months from having the first eye done and as I understand it things will get even better over time) and I thoroughly recommend Professor Gartry and his team at Wimpole Eye Clinic and at Moorfields.

Grace K

Sep 2021 - LASIK

Overall, I'm very happy with my choice to have LASIK. I was reassured at every step and any nerves I had were listened to and talked through which made me feel at ease with the process. The aftercare was explained and was very easy to follow. I would highly recommend having it done.