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Sarah K

Feb 2019 - LASIK

I had both eyes corrected in 2006. In 2018 I came back and successfully had one eye corrected so now I can see for distance and read very well thanks to surgery on just one eye. It is wonderful to have the ability to do both and no glasses or contact lenses.

Ari L

Feb 2019 - Cataract

Excellent procedure, really well done. All I can say is that I am very grateful.

Dr Andrew B

Feb 2019 - Cataract

The process was smooth and almost trouble-free. Excellent attention as an outpatient with thorough assessment on every visit, and also excellent inpatient care. Most importantly the end result has been remarkable. I was extremely short-sighted (right-eye approximately -15, left-eye approximately -20) and now have near perfect unaided vision.


Feb 2019 - Cataract

Excellent process. Extremely professional. Highly recommend anyone from anywhere to travel here for cataract surgery.

David H

Feb 2019 - LASEK

The team are true professionals ensuring I not only felt but remained in safe hands throughout my time with the clinic. From initial consultation progressing onto the day of my surgery and all follow-ups checking on my progress to my final sign-off. Professor Gartry is a brilliant surgeon taking the time to explain all procedures and after care instructions with care and patience.

I have fantastic results and could not recommend the clinic highly enough.

Caroline M

Feb 2019 - LASIK

Fabulous treatment,liberating no longer having to wear lenses or glasses, wish I had done it years ago!

Cherry M

Feb 2019 - Cataract

Splendid result and treatment very friendly staff. Well looked after at all stages. Looking forward to the summer

Zuleika H

Feb 2019 - LASIK

The whole process from start to finish has been excellent. The actual surgery was over very quickly with discomfort for only few hours after. Professor Gartry has a very reassuring manner during the surgery which makes the procedure easy to bear. I was able to paint and draw a few hours after surgery. In the following months, my eyes got better and better, so that by 3 months, my vision was perfect without glasses or contacts lenses. I would highly recommend this life-changing treatment.

Sam N

Feb 2019 - LASEK

Very friendly throughout highly recommend to anyone.

Vaidehi B

Feb 2019 - LASIK

Dr Gartry was an extremely compassionate and respectful surgeon and whilst I was awed by such commitment to healing his patients, and his respect for our autonomy over our decision to take treatment, I am most joyful about my excellent results which mean my eyes are now better than 20/20. I feel so lucky! Like I have been granted a wish.

However, please note the actual experience of having LASIK is like having a huge machine pressed to your face and your eyelids are taped back, it was really painful in the hours afterwards and it was unnerving that my eyes kept closing. I also found it unnerving having my eyeball exposed like that. However, this discomfort only lasted about 2 days so far as I remember. And the actual time with the machine is really short.

I am really happy I did this and my best wishes to future patients.