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Kathryn G

Aug 2020 - LASIK

I’m really pleased with the results of my LASIK. It’s amazing to be able to see first thing when I wake up without putting in my lenses! Thanks so much to Professor Gartry

Isabel O’G

Aug 2020 - LASIK

I had a great experience with Dr Gartry, the whole process was well managed and I am really pleased with the results. Not having to wear glasses is transformative and I’d recommend LASIK with Dr Gartry to anyone who is considering it!

Alice M

Jul 2020 - LASIK

When it comes your your eyes you want to use the best. After doing a lot of research I chose David Gartry for my LASIK procedure, to correct bilateral astigmatism and mild long sightedness.

The whole process was easy and my surgery was scheduled quickly. Admittedly the procedure itself was more stressful than I expected and the first day recovery was hard, but by the next morning I was already feeling a lot better, and four months later I’m very happy with the results. I’d highly recommend this practice to anyone else seeking laser eye surgery.

Andrew L

Jul 2020 - LASIK

I was initially nervous around the treatment but Professor Gartry took the time to explain everything and answer any and all questions I had.
The best compliment I can leave is that I often forget I ever wore glasses – the results have been fantastic.

Sarina P

Jul 2020 - LASIK

I have had an even greater success and outcome that I anticipated. My prescription prior to the surgery was extremely high, and the possibility of a perfect prescription seemed pretty unlikely. However, 4 months on and my eyes feel good as new! I am close to perfect vision. Dr Gartry was very reassuring and on side to answer any concerns or questions I had. Thank you Dr Gartry.

Maddie E

Jul 2020 - LASIK

Extremely smooth process, everyone made me feel very at ease and comfortable at every stage of the process, everything was explained in detail. I definitely recommend David Gartry and The Wimpole Eye Clinic.

Hayley R

Jul 2020 - LASEK

Excellent service from Prof David Gartry and the team at The Wimpole Eye Clinic. From the initial consultations where advice on my best form of surgery was discussed, to the surgery itself and then the follow-up care – it was fantastic.

I now have 20:20 vision and it was the best decision made!

Graham B

Jul 2020 - LASIK

I cannot recommend David Gartry and the team at The Wimpole Eye Clinic highly enough. I was 25 (26 now) when I had the laser eye surgery and it has been the best thing I have done. The freedom is the best feeling in the world and not having to worry about putting contacts in for sports or when you go out is an amazing feeling.

When I went for a consultation it was because I had a +6 subscription in both eyes, I didn’t think it was possible to rectify this strength in each eye. However, after meeting with David, he said it was possible and I had the surgery about 2-4 weeks later. I am now within +1 in each eye.

I’d suggest to anybody that is considering getting Laser Eye Surgery to contact David Gartry and have a consultation.


Catherine K

Jul 2020 - LASIK

I was delighted with my experience. I was able to proceed from my first enquiry appointment on 7 February 2020 to bilateral LASIK eye surgery on 29 February 2020 to include a two week period in between of trialling monovision by using different contact lenses in each eye. I opted for monovision because I wanted to ensure I had good reading vision as well as long-distance vision.

The procedures took seconds, recovery was speedy and the whole process was made very pleasant by Professor David Gartry‘s courtesy and professionalism. I would have no hesitation in recommending the treatment. After over 35 years of wearing glasses/contact lenses, being able to see the numerals on my alarm clock in the morning is still a novelty. I still find myself reaching for my contact lenses upon getting out of the shower before realising I don’t have them anymore; Dealing with my hay fever has also become much easier.

Henry D

Jun 2020 - LASEK

Everything was very efficient and the outcome was great. I had quite a high prescription (around -6) and thin corneas so had the LASEK procedure. The first couple of days after the op are very uncomfortable but the recovery after that was quick and I’m now left with 20/20 vision. Comfort is also excellent – just like it was before the op. Mr Gartry and the whole team at The Wimpole Eye Clinic are friendly and happy to address any questions.