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Sonia D

Feb 2021 - LASIK

Great experience throughout! Thank you to David Gartry and team.

Sean K

Feb 2021 - LASEK

I'm delighted with the quality of service and outcome of LASEK treatment, which is remarkable in that I now have 20/20 vision after being highly myopic since a young age (over -10 diopters in both eyes). Thank you so much to Professor Gartry and his team for this exceptional outcome.

Vicky M

Feb 2021 - Yag

From the moment I walked into the clinic in Wimpole Street I knew I was in the best hands. The Yag laser treatment was like a miracle, I could suddenly see again within about 5 minutes of the treatment. I couldn't recommend Prof Gartry and his team more highly.

Francesca B

Feb 2021 - LASIK

I received outstanding and professional service throughout this process. The recovery from the surgery was more onerous that I had expected, but Dr Gartry was always on hand to answer questions and offer support. Overall, it was one of the best decisions I have made and I am glad I chose to have laser surgery through the Wimple Eye Clinic.

Monica N

Feb 2021 - LASEK

Extremely thankful to Professor Gartry and his team. The procedure has been life-changing. Only wish I had taken the plunge sooner. Thank you so much!

Farzad R

Feb 2021 - Yag

many thanks to Prof. Gartry and his team for an outstanding treatment and care.


Jan 2021 - Refractive Lens Exchange

Well it's difficult to express the depth of transformation really. I lived with -13 since I was a teenager and only recently at the age of 53 did I elect to have the RLE with Professor Gartry. I no longer have to feel any sense of discomfort or impracticality from glasses or contact lenses and my vision is now better than I have experienced throughout my whole life. I cannot recommend enough the quality, dedication and expertise of David Gartry and all of his team.

Olivia F

Jan 2021 - LASEK

I recently had LASEK and would definitely recommend to anyone thinking about having it. Dr Gartry and the team were very informative, made me feel confident in my decision and answered all my questions or comcerms. Since treatment, my eyesight is 20:20 and I don't have to wear any lenses or glasses.

Orit B

Jan 2021 - Cataract

I was recommended by my optician another surgeon for my cataract surgery but decided to research first. I had pictures of top surgeons, looked at them and Professor Gartry's eyes were talking to me, that is how I chose him. it was the best decision for me. everything, from the first consultation to the surgery itself and the aftercare were wonderful and professional and caring, I felt. Thank you, professor Gartry and all your team!


Jan 2021 - LASEK

I can highly recommend LASEK at The Wimpole Eye Clinic. Professor Gartry and his team have successfully restored my sight and I am exceptionally pleased with the results. I began with a prescription of approximately -8 in each eye, and both are now 0 or very close to 0. After the first operation, I still had a small amount of short sightedness in my right eye. Professor Gartry was able to perform an adjustment to fully correct this. I have been very well looked after throughout the whole process. I am very thankful to David and his team for their effort, care and professionalism.