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Sue T

Sep 2023 - Cataract

I cannot fault the care , attention & service that I have received from The Wimpole Eye Clinic & Professor David Gartry .

My experience of diagnosis & subsequent lens replacement in both eyes , due to cataracts , has been life transforming .

It was so important to receive all the personal attention , & written explanations of my conditions & exactly what would happen at every stage . This gives great confidence & peace of mind to the patient!

I found every member of the Wimpole Eye clinic team to be very well informed, exemplary in the role they played .

At every stage I was given information , I was treated very kindly , but also the professionalism was very noticeable.

Professor Gartry himself seems to allow time for every patient to spend the right amount of time with him personally too. A very skilled team & I would recommend them to any of my contemporaries!

Sue Tweddell

Ann S

Sep 2023 - Cataract, Refractive Lens Exchange

I had cataract removal and lens replacement in both eyes in July 2023.. The results are excellent. First time in my life I have no need of glasses or contacts . I was extremely anxious but Prof Gartry’s expertise and kindness allowed me to feel assured with both operations just a week apart.

I cannot thank Prof Gartry and his team at Moorfields enough, their skill and advice made the whole procedure almost routine! Thank you all so much.

Robert S

Sep 2023 - Yag

The all round experience was excellent. The premises are in tip top condition with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The staff are very polite , helpful and professional.. I cannot speak more highly of Prof Gartry. He is thoughtful , caring and highly skilled. I have been given a new lease of life as my eyesight is dramatically improved and I can proceed with my life with clear vision and confidence.

John L

Sep 2023 - LASIK

I was referred to Professor Gartry by my Optician Burnett Hodd & Tam. Following extensive investigation into my eyes by Professor Gartry’s colleagues and himself and a very thorough discussion with Professor Gartry, it was determined and agreed that we would proceed with Laser Surgery on both eyes sequentially at Moorfields Hospital to remove cataracts. The entire procedure was painless, flawless, and Moorfields was excellent. The results have been 100% satisfactory. A follow up meeting with Professor Gartry confirmed exactly that. I can not recommend the Professor more highly.


Sep 2023 - LASEK

I had LASEK eye surgery in July 2023 and was feeling nervous on the day but the doctor talked me through the surgery step by step and answered all of my questions before and after which was reassuring. The aftercare has been been excellent too and I have been able to make appointments easily. My eyesight is now 20/20 so I would definitely recommend!

Edward M

Sep 2023 - Cataract

I chose Professor Gartry for cataract surgery after careful evaluation. I am completely satisfied with the treatment on both of my eyes and delighted with the results. The whole process was smooth and efficient. All issues and options open to me were explained clearly in layperson’s language along with the costs entailed. The support staff were also very professional and prompt with responses to any questions I had. Overall a very professional and friendly service. Excellent overall.

Alison L

Sep 2023 - Refractive Lens Exchange

I have had lens replacement surgery in both eyes and couldn’t be more thrilled with the treatment and the outcome. Professor Gartry and his team kept me fully informed about what to expect and the procedures involved were surprisingly quick, but life changing. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Artist E

Aug 2023 - Cataract

I had cataract surgery in July 2023. I have had a wonderful result, I can see so clearly for the first time that I can remember. Having worn glasses all my life, it is almost miraculous that I can see at distance, to read and to use screens (and to paint…I am an artist) so well without specs. The procedure was quick, painless and without anxiety. It is almost like a miracle. Moorfields Eye Hospital staff and facilities made the experience almost a pleasure. Professor Gartry explained everything; I felt confident at every stage. Thank you to his office and to the hospital.

Chris C

Aug 2023 - Cataract

Dear David and Team,

Having had the final stitch removed today it may be the last time I see you and your lovely team.

I would like to pass on my huge gratitude to all of you. I could not have been in better hands all round.

If I don’t see you again I wish you all the best.

Kind regards,



Aug 2023 - Refractive Lens Exchange

Professor Gartry performed laser surgery on me some 20 years ago. It was life changing. Eventually the benefit from the laser surgery diminished and I began wearing glasses again – something I hate! Recently he performed lens replacement surgery and, again, it is life changing. Rarely does an individual have two such ‘life changing’ impacts on you….and for it I will always be very grateful. His skill, experience and professionalism are evident through the entire process, not just on the days of the procedures themselves (there are 2, one on each eye), but the preparation, consultation and communication that are such a central part of feeling secure through the entire process. Since completing the procedure, I have bored people rigid encouraging theme to consider it for themselves. The questions everyone asks are these…’Does it hurt?’ (A) No…although conscious and with local anesthetic, you feel nothing. That should read NOTHING. Does it take long? (A) On the day of the procedures, you might be in the hospital for a few hours to prep and assess afterwards, but the actual procedure is, maybe, 20 minutes long. Can you see better straight away? (A) In my case yes. The day after (when I was allowed to remove the eye bandage) I could see better with just the one lens-replaced eye, than I could with the two ‘pre-surgery’ eyes. What are the after effects? (A) In my case none. You do have to maintain eye drops for the first few weeks but that is simple and passes quickly. The ONLY thing I noticed (and I was pre-warned that I would) is that sometimes it might feel like I have a bit of dust in my eye. But don’t confuse this with pain, or a permanent irritant, it quickly passes. Professor Gartry’s team are excellent too…as are the staff in Moorfields.

Clearly I am an advocate of this procedure. So much so, that the freedom I am experiencing by having it done has led my wife to have the same procedure. She has her first eye done next Monday.

Many thanks professor Gartry. Richard Lewis.