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Jul 2019 - Cataract

I was terrified but was totally put at ease. It really was an easy procedure which has resulted in perfect vision. I am very grateful to Professor David Gartry for his expertise

Jennifer B

Jul 2019 - LASIK

Having laser eye surgery before travelling the world completely changed my experience and my life! I no longer need to think about packing glasses or contact lenses and am free to enjoy the world in perfect vision. It’s amazing to be able to see everything so clearly. Professor David Gartry is very reassuring throughout the process, very warm and kind as well as highly skilled and professional. He talked me through the process and what sensations to anticipate at each step, minimising the anxiety inherent in eye surgery, and instilled a sense of trust. The process itself was remarkably quick, in and out within 5 minutes! The aftercare is also very good with drops given to eliminate any discomfort. I recommend this treatment to anyone. It is a life-changing investment and worth paying for the best surgeon.

Peter J

Jul 2019 - LASEK

Complete care from a fantastic team at Wimpole Eye Clinic. Thank David for changing my life!


Jul 2019 - LASIK

A really great experience which has turned out brilliantly – quick and easy. Vision needed to settle down for a month or so but now perfect. Great follow up care with full pack of eye drops provided. Really nice and helpful staff at Wimpole Eye Clinic.

Alan W

Jul 2019 - Cataract

“You know, it really doesn’t hurt – there’s nothing to worry about”, a couple of friends told me. But you can’t help feeling a little anxious about your first eye surgery, can you? Turns out they were right, though. And I was a lot less nervous than I could have been, simply because of the calm and friendly approach of all the Wimpole Eye Clinic staff, and particularly of Professor David Gartry himself. You’ll be in good, safe, professional hands here. You might prefer a slightly more eclectic mix of magazines in the waiting room, and you might profitably decide not to sample the free coffee, but overall the whole experience from initial appraisal to final review is as close to being a pleasure as one could wish..

Oh yes, nearly forgot — I can see better too!

Harry S

Jul 2019 - LASIK

A quick and painless process of fixing the eyes was a sigh of relief and a noticeable change off the bat. Post-operation I was given all the necessary drops and instructions, helping my eyes recovery fast and painless. With now clear vision with no setbacks, it was fully worth it. I would highly recommend David Gartry and Wimpole Eye Clinic.

Nicola H

Jul 2019 - LASIK

Very happy with my results and treatment throughout. I would happily recommend David Gartry and Wimpole Eye Clinic to anyone considering this treatment.

James R

Jul 2019 - LASEK

I have been extremely pleased with both the results of my eye surgery and the quality of the treatment I have received throughout the process. At all stages David Gartry and his team at Wimpole Eye Clinic have delivered exemplary care with great professionalism. Thank you all!

Preeya V

Jul 2019 - LASIK

I previously had a prescription of -5 in both eyes and astigmatism. I was recommended Professor David Gartry and received excellent service, a super straightforward procedure, and great follow-up. I can see better than 20:20 and it’s had a great impact on my lifestyle, allowing me to participate in water sports and physical activity with ease. It’s truly life-changing.

Marilyn M

Jul 2019 - Cataract

Having been unable to get out of bed without putting my glasses on for 50 years, I can now see! My distance vision is perfect and I just need weak glasses for reading. I am absolutely delighted with the results. It is life-changing. So grateful to David Gartry and Wimpole Eye Clinic.