‘It’s been one year exactly since I had laser eye surgery, which is enough time for me to give my own account of the entire process.’ 

Journalist and broadcaster Nick Stylianou had laser eye surgery with David Gartry in 2014. A year later he decided to document the entire process from start to finish. We receive many testimonials from patients – some choose to come in share their experience on camera, others write a few words or even send ‘thank you’ cards. However, Nick has taken some time to provide one of the most comprehensive reviews we have come across. He discusses why he decided to opt for laser eye surgery, why he chose David Gartry and how his eyesight is one year later.

Nick had a relatively high prescription of -7.50 with astigmatism in each eye. This meant that without glasses or contact lenses his vision was extremely blurry. ‘I couldn’t see anything clearly that was more than about 20cm from my face’ is how he put it and goes on to describe how swimming, contact lenses and prescription sunglasses were all things that were problematic before laser eye surgery.

Choosing LASIK laser eye surgery as his preferred treatment Nick explains the detailed tests carried out at his consultation, the day of the surgery, his recovery and also the aftercare provided by David Gartry and the team.

Nick’s story is an honest and detailed account of how life changing laser eye surgery can be.

‘My biggest fear was that I couldn’t turn this off. It seems silly, but when you take off your glasses – or remove your contact lenses – the world retreats. The familiar fuzzy shapes coddle you to sleep. With my whole view now in focus, how would I manage? Wonderfully. I’d never want to turn this off.’

You can read Nick’s full story at his website.