A Comprehensive Aftercare Program

Choosing the right clinic for laser eye surgery is an important decision. Part of the process that should be considered is the experience of the surgeon and of course the aftercare provided by the clinic.

Your care with David Gartry doesn’t stop when you leave after your treatment. Most patients are discharged at the 3 month follow up as the vision has usually settled to the desired outcome. Unlike most other providers, thanks to David Gartry’s ‘open door’ policy, you will see him at every one of your follow up appointments. At each appointment, we will check your vision and the health of your eyes. You will get to see the same friendly team members who are on hand to answer any questions.

At each visit, you will always see David Gartry, even after your laser eye surgery. We also provide patients with a comprehensive aftercare program, to ensure not only a great visual result, but good eye health and recovery.

If you’ve worn glasses or lenses for most of your life, then it’s hard to imagine being free from them. After surgery, realising each day that you don’t need to put lenses in or take them out, or rely on your glasses for everything is truly incredible.