Most of the initial healing is done in your sleep throughout the night so the next morning you will already feel more comfortable. Once you remove the eye cover or shield, you may already notice an improvement in your vision.

As femto-phako surgery is safe and predictable, the aftercare is very simple. Your first aftercare appointment will be when you attend to have your second eye treated a week later. Until then, you will be given a direct number to call should you have any questions during the initial healing stages.

Once you have seen how straightforward and painless the process is for your first eye, you will be excited to get the second eye surgery completed.


Following the surgery on your second eye, you are invited to attend follow up appointments as part of a fully comprehensive aftercare package. We usually expect to see you at 1 week and 1 month when you will most likely be discharged back to the care of your local optometrist.

Life After Surgery

If you have worn glasses or lenses for most of your life, then it’s hard to imagine being much less dependent on them. Although it’s not possible to turn back the clock, after your surgery you may notice you have regained some of the vision you had previously enjoyed years before. Whether it’s playing golf, trips to the cinema or simply enjoying the view on holiday, Femto-Phako surgery is a safe and state-of-the-art way to provide you with a renewed lease of life.

Our patients are often telling us the various ways in which Femto-Phako surgery has transformed their lives.