On your surgery day, it is normal for you to feel slightly nervous or anxious. You can expect to be with us for approximately 4-5 hours. When you arrive, the nursing team will make you feel comfortable and reassured.

Cataract surgery and our advanced laser-assisted cataract surgery is quick, painless and produces superb results. Often patients describe their new vision as life-changing, with enhanced colours, clarity and quality of life.

What happens on the day

Once you have completed some necessary paperwork, one of the nurses will start putting drops in your eyes to dilate your pupil, similar to the drops you would have had at your consultation. You will meet David Gartry for final checks and to sign the consent forms. You will be then be taken through to the Femto Laser Room for the first stage of the treatment. You’ll also meet your anaesthetist to discuss which anaesthetic is best for you and how much sedation you would like. The laser is gently applied to the eye, to prepare a fine and precise opening to the lens, and to soften the cataract, which then makes it safer and easier to remove during the second part of the surgery. This first stage is painless and takes approximately 3 – 4 minutes in total.

The Operation

You will then be taken through to the main operating theatre where the rest of the surgery is carried out. You can expect to be in theatre for approximately 15 – 20 minutes in total. David Gartry will talk you through the procedure and make sure it is as comfortable as possible. After the surgery, you will be taken to a recovery suite where you can relax with a hot drink before going home to rest. You will go home with a cover over your eye which you can remove the next morning.